My Story

My journey started a little over a year ago, on New Year’s Eve. Having been lonely and feeling neglected in terms of love for most of my life, I was done. It seemed like every time I stepped forward, another curveball, another hardship was thrown in my path.

I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t live so small when I knew something more was out there. I couldn’t keep feeling stuck in my own insecurities and learned hopelessness.

There I was, sitting under a perfect night sky, marveling at the beauty of the Milky Way and wishing on every shooting star that passed overhead. I was bigger than I had been acting. There was more for me out there. And so I decided, right then and there to make a powerful resolution, to set the intention to be more, to experience love more, and to finally be happy.

Last year was one of growth and finding my way. I began to awaken, to get myself unstuck. I learned how to do things that I always told myself that I couldn’t do. I went from being basically unemployed, with less than $0 in my bank account, to always being able to somehow pay my bills on time. I took myself on day trips, I became more social, and I learned how to love myself more fully.

Then I fell in love for the first time, spending time with this man who I now understand to be a brief soulmate. I learned, I loved, and when the time was right, I left. It was time to move forward, and go bigger for both of us.

I moved back home (the plan all along) and started out with the mentality that this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Until I hit another ascension block. Insecurities began to surface, my lack of confidence became highlighted, and I felt more lost than ever before. I felt right back where I started, but more intensely than ever before.

I found myself asking a god I didn’t even believe in why I had to be in this situation. Why had I been given this difficult of a path? What was I being asked for now? Hadn’t I already paid my dues??

And then I finally found myself in the same position again. I looked up toward the universe and I said “yes!” I surrendered to the situations it was giving me. I let myself be in my power, in my confidence, and I let myself finally go on my mission. I started, simply, using my intuition to help a friend in need. And then, in the craziest week of my life, I met my twin flame. And nothing was ever the same.

Now, looking back, the bubble love phase went by too fast. It was perfect, it was all I had ever wanted but never believed I could actually have.

And then our souls started to purify each other. Old wounds that we thought we had gotten over were now coming to light. I’ve never cried so much in my life. I’ve never experienced so much pain, from this lifetime and others. But I’ve also never been in such deep love before. To this day, I don’t think the word “love” does the twin flame connection justice. It’s much more spiritual and divine than that.

My twin and I ran from each other over and over again, until we “separated” for good. And that’s when my true growth began again. This physical separation has been a gift, and is a part of our souls’ plan.

Through the hardships, through the unbearable pain and confusion, I’ve kept saying “yes”. I’ve connected more to my higher self, my guides, and the divine. My twin and I have come into energetic union, and he has helped lead me back to truth. I’ve gone from being a stubborn atheist to spiritual and connected to the universe. I have been lead back to my soul, my infinite peace and bliss that is mine.

Happiness is in sight for all of us, as long as we keep saying yes. As long as we keep being grateful to be experiencing everything – the pain, the love, and especially the bliss of existence.

We are all one. We are all love, and we can all claim our birthright of happiness and wholeness. We are powerful beings capable of manifestation and healing in our own unique ways. We are infinitely abundant.

This is all just a choice, an intention, away.

And now it is my own turn to step into the light and help all of you find your own way.

Lets go on this journey together.

Blessings, love, and light.

❤️ CK

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