Letting Go and Surrendering


When my twin flame and I were thrown into separation, I immediately found the advice “just let him go. Surrender because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I tried. I tried letting him, that other part of me, go so that I could move on with my life.

I tried forgetting him, being angry, telling myself that we were both better off alone, that he was never coming back and that I would never feel whole or happy again – anything to loosen the hold of our love and connection. I told the universe over and over “I surrender. I’m okay with all that,” then waited patiently by my phone for him to text me back.

But that didn’t get me unstuck. That didn’t help me move on from the pain and into my own happiness, the wholeness that was already there inside of me. That didn’t stop me from feeling him and our connection all the time….

There is a deeper truth about letting go that hasn’t been talked about too much. For most of us, we’ll never be able to let our twin go completely; doing so would only be to deny the connection that has been there since the dawn of time. You cannot let go of being a twin flame, or even being energetically connected to your beloved. Whether this is what you planned for your life or not, you are on the ascension path. You are on the journey back to unconditional love – your natural state of being.

To deny and resist that path, the connection, is actually the opposite of surrender. Trying to forget your beloved, the love, and your identity as a twin is to deny yourself and everything the universe has in store for you.

Letting go does not mean living in denial. Surrendering does not mean forgetting.

Letting go means remembering who you are – a twin flame, a soul who decided to come to earth to spread love, to heal, and to transform in the most profound way. Letting go means that you are not stuck in what “should be”, or what you have envisioned your life to be. You have awoken to your soul consciousness, and now your work consists of letting go of all that stands in the way of living in your soul truth.


You let yourself feel what is coming up. These are your emotions (even if they are coming from your twin), so take ownership of them. Feel them, whether it’s from this lifetime or another, whether it’s for a moment an hour. Cry, scream, lay on the floor and look up at the sky, whatever you need to do to get to the point of release. Finally, you look at that feeling, and you say “I accept your presence. Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me. You are not in pursuit of my highest good anymore. I release you.” Take a deep breath and release it. Let Spirit, (or whatever word you feel comfortable using) take it away from you. Let it go and then allow yourself to feel peace and love instead. Let go of the hurt and transform it into bliss. Let the divine take its place.

Don’t hang on to the negativity that is being brought up at this time. We are conditioned to hold grudges and live in lower feelings, but these emotions are only being surfaced so that you can clear them – the limiting beliefs and the voices that tell you that you don’t deserve anymore than to live in pain and disconnectedness. You deserve more than to hold onto all the junk that blocks you. Face your fears, let them go, and move into higher thoughts, higher consciousness, and higher feelings of love and happiness. This is your birthright.

Rumi Soul

You let go of the expectations, the conditions you have placed on yourself and your twin, and you let the situation be. Surrender means not letting worry about the past, the future, or somebody else’s actions control you. You surrender to the will of the universe, letting the present moment rule your life. You get down on your knees if you need, turn your face toward the sky and and say “I will thy will”, or “I surrender to you my lord”, or anything that brings you peace.

I surrender and let go everyday. After all, the only thing I can control in this universe is myself. And so I focus on my healing, I receive guidance about the next step in my mission, and I move forward. I trust that by surrendering and allowing myself to be open to the universe, I will receive exactly what I need.

Surrender what you don’t have, surrender your cravings, and let go of your blocks. What you will see is that this opens you up to more love and guidance from Spirit, from your twin, and from those around you. When you stop worrying about what you don’t have, you open yourself up to abundance and love. Surrender to the moment, the situation, and be thankful for what you have been given.

You will start to feel lighter, like you can live in your happiness more fully and with less attachments holding you down. And now you are more ready to spread love and guidance into the world around you. You become the light you have been running toward for so long. Everything you need is already inside of you.

And as you heal and let go of the junk, as you begin to go upward, as you open up the energetic connections to your twin, you bring them with you. You let go of their junk on a soul level as well. Here, you both become closer to heaven on earth, to living fully in your love.

This is the true state of letting go. You don’t need to forget your twin and run from your connection (even if they are the physical runner, this only makes you an “energetic runner”). You are a twin flame, and you cannot decide not to do the work. The universe will make you face your fears and learn your lessons one way or another. But whether you use that connection to take you higher or lower is your choice.

Please don’t sit around and do nothing. You are here to transform your demons and spread your divine love throughout the world. Each and every twin that activates their mission and does their healing work brings more and more light into everyone else’s lives. Remember your power as a co-creator, as a loving being of light who can transform even the darkest demons. Let go, move on, and claim that happiness for yourself. You are more than your shadows. Surrender to the light that you are.

With all my love and compassion,

CK ❤️

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