Twin Flame Myths

Twin Flames coming to Earth and reuniting is fairly new, at least in the “mainstream” sense. There are so many different theories out there, and mainly because we are all experiencing this first-hand, with little to no help.

All we have are our guide teams, our higher selves, and Spirit guiding us through unexplored territory. Which is great, but we don’t have much physical guidance.

Everyone’s journey and souls’ plan is different and has a different flavor to it. Today, I felt that it was important for me to dispel some “facts” that I have found to be myths on my own path.

1.) Twin Flames Never Lie to Each Other

This one is completely false. Yes, twin flames are advanced souls who have come to help Earth. But the fact is that we have incarnated as human beings, and as human beings we can make mistakes. My twin flame and I lied to each other, but the difference is that we always knew when the other lied on a soul level.

Our higher selves will never lie to each other. Our souls will always be able to tell when a lie has been told. So yes, we can lie, but your twin will feel it on one level or another. And sometimes, lying shows us where we need healing. For both my twin and I, it lead us back to deep inner child insecurities that we had to let go of and heal. Lying, in our case, served a purpose.

2.) Twin Flames Never Cheat

Again, we are all human. I’ve known plenty of twin flame couples who have gone through infidelity, and it does not make their love or connection any weaker. Look at cheating as also serving as a thread to the parts of both of you that need healing and transformation.

Did they cheat because they don’t trust themselves? You? Do they not feel like they are enough for you? Do you feel like you are enough for them? Do you both feel like you deserve the happiness and love that has been gifted to you? Do you feel too small to do the work? Do they feel like a failure?

These are points that need healing, and may not be brought up to be cleared until a twin has cheated. This is your gift, so use it to grow upward.

3.) Twin Flames Never Abuse or Hurt Each Other

Many of the points from the two above can be repeated. We all make mistakes, and sometimes certain behaviors need to be played out to be cleared once and for all. Remember, you and your twin are mirrors and almost every actions of theirs leads you to something that needs to be healed within first.

My twin has called me very hurtful names in a fit of rage which wounded me greatly. But what I realized was that every name he called me, and every flaw he apparently saw, had all been worries of mine. They had all been names that family and friends had called me over the years that had yet to be released. Every action he did to hurt me, whether it was crossing a boundary, calling me a name, etc – served to show me where we both needed healing. (And to be fair, I have called him names before – which of course leads to something else that must be healed in both of us.)

Of course if there is abuse, please draw a boundary. Perhaps being strong enough to leave an abusive or manipulative relationship is your lesson to learn. If you need to, leave, heal and transform that part of you, and trust that the universe has a plan.

4.) There Is Always One “Runner” and One “Chaser”

In the classical sense, my twin (the male) was always the one who physically ran from our connection. I (the female twin) was always the one who physically chased – sending him texts and letters, telling him how much I loved him every week just so that he would remember and finally wake up!

But when we were together, in a physical relationship, I was the “runner”. I was the one who constantly needed space, who constantly said that things between us would never get better. And my twin was the “chaser”, texting me constantly trying to save us and giving everything of himself to me when I was not ready to receive.

For the most part, everyone runs and everyone chases. “Running” and “Chasing” is much more complicated than it seems, and I’ll be writing more about this in another post.

5.) Twin Flames Aren’t Meant to be Together

I think this myth comes from the idea that a twin relationship is “too hard” for us mere humans. But a twin flame relationship is only as difficult as you make it. Yes, it’s not fun when old junk comes to the surface and the one you trusted most lies to you, but if you can use every opportunity to release old wounds and karma and leaving only love in its place, then your twin relationship won’t be as bad.

Some twins are not meant to come together on Earth. They were meant to be individuals who come in and out of their life as an awakening call, to bring them closer to their souls and their mission. But for those individuals, it seems to be somewhat “easier” for them to let their twin go in the sense that it “feels” better to be free of the connection.

For those of us who are meant to at least try to reunite physically, we have that strong pull, that everlasting connection that will always bring us back to one another.

Whether you are meant to come into Union with your twin or not is something only you can answer. Sometimes, all it takes is some time, some healing, and a slight change in perspective.


These trials and hardships that you go through on the twin flame journey are not meant to keep you in pain and suffering. Everything you and your twin are experiencing is showing you where you still need healing and clearing. Let these trials purify you and make you stronger.

I’ll write about more myths as Spirit shows them to me. For now, know that you can use your own intuition to discern fact from myth. If something doesn’t feel right, or your body tenses when you hear it, it probably is not true for you. Personally, I get intense pain in my heart chakra when something is not true – which leads me to something else I must heal and clear of course! Trust your body, and trust your intuition.

There is one thing that will always be true, no matter what is happening in the physical – your twin will always love you no matter what. Twin flame love is timeless, and completely unconditional. And if you ever want to feel that love when you think it has gone away, call on your higher selves to show you. They will always be there for you, loving you, and helping you heal whether you want to or not.

With all my love,
CK ❤

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