A Love Letter to my Beloved

I love you more than anything, and there’s no way I’ll ever stop. The connection we have is unique to us, and is one that I will never have with another soul for this lifetime and all others.

These past months of physical separation have been hard, but they have also been filled with growth and fun. I learned that the love we had, the bliss I felt with you, and the person I blossomed into when I was with you are all still here – inside me. They are gifts that I can give to myself now, making myself at home in my own heart, my own love.

I don’t need you physically next to me to experience that peace anymore. I already have you in my heart, and I feel your presence everyday. We are a part of one another that can never be erased. And because of that, I am no longer afraid of wanting you or losing you. I know that you can never truly destroy me – I am the only one who can destroy myself. Instead, I choose to give myself love and forgiveness.

And now this opens me up to wanting you in a purer way – a less needy, a less co-dependent and grasping way. I am infinitely grateful for your presence in my life, but I no longer need to keep you within arms reach.

I can be alone. I can be supported by others. And I can be me, independently and wholly, with you.

And with this in mind, I say, “Yes!” Yes to being in love with you for forever, being connected to you always. I say yes to overcoming whatever obstacles are placed on our paths as we move forward. I say yes to always choosing you, to choosing my heart, and our divine love. I say yes to receiving you fully, while giving myself wholly to you. I say yes to our union, to being one with you.

I trust you as I trust myself – completely. And I surrender to you just as easily as I now surrender to my own heart.

I love you beyond all belief, and you are perfectly imperfect in my eyes. All is forgiven, and I am grateful for every moment and every piece of you.

Don’t worry, I will never go back on my word to you. I am yours in a way that no one will ever be able to understand except for the two of us. No one can touch my heart and soul the way you do.

And so here we are, two complete souls, infinitely connected and realized. Here we are in love, in union. Here we are saying, “Yes!”

I love you, my love.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.59.40 PM.png

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