Beginning Ascension

Whether you are a twin flame going through difficulties (separation, fighting, etc), or you are an advanced soul who has woken up, ascension can be a hellish and more-than-confusing time. It is usually during this time that we experience initiation and purification, where we work through blocks on the path to becoming more pure, more light, and more love.

It is in these purification fires that every wound from this life and others are brought to the surface to be cleansed and healed for good. You might be triggered by your twin (seeing your wounds reflected in their actions is not pleasant), or by simply going outside in the morning (feeling the collective energies, or the dark energies of the place you live in). You might go through a dark night of the soul (spiritual depression), get sick, or seem like you are losing your grip on “reality”. But don’t worry, the spiritual fires don’t have to last forever.

The point is to feel and accept your wounds, and then clear them once and for all – replacing them with pure divine energy. But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially because us humans have been conditioned for thousands of years to hold onto resentments and grudges. We hold onto the hurts as if they were ever ours to begin with. We may replace it with anger, learned helplessness, and negativity instead of healing and moving forward. But this doesn’t help us get unstuck, it only adds to our eventual pain.

Every time we experience hurt and refuse to release it, surrendering all our wounds and pain to Spirit, we are placing ourselves back into the patterns that hurt us in the end. The universe will bring us the same situation until we are able to finally, powerfully, let it go and heal it completely.

But once we realize that we have already paid the price, we have already experienced the hurts that we needed to be a part of, we can start to transform ourselves and go higher. This is what ascension is all about, not about staying in the pain, the karmic loop that we were born into.

But the universe – Spirit, your guides, your higher selves, your angels – would not be putting you through this if you did not have the ability to break free from your troubles. You were born to be more than that, to be bigger than whatever block or issue is being thrown in your path.  You are this truth: you are more than able to release and heal all that has plagued you and ascend upwards. (Read about surrendering and letting go here.)

Ascension happens in steps. Spirit often shows me a spiral staircase leading upwards into light, up from the darkness. In our first lifetime, we may be born at the bottom, only able to take a single step upward. Every lifetime, we take steps upward, toward the final steps. Spirit is showing me that this set of stairs is above the clouds, closer than ever to our destination: pure, divine light. Where we are on the staircase, and whether we can make it to the top depends on our specific soul plan and the choices we make in this lifetime.

The fact is that at every step, we must transform and clear more blocks and pains. We feel the pain, release and transform it, and then we say “yes, I’m ready and willing to take the next step”. We take a step forward into more light, into more grace. We may get a “honeymoon” period where your chakras are more fully aligned than before and you are at peace with the world around you. And then more is pushed up to the surface to be released and transformed, and the process begins again. Step by step, you go upward.


The sooner you surrender to this process, the easier it becomes. The more practice you have at clearing your energy – past and present – the faster you can move upward.

And remember that this process does not have to be that difficult. In the beginning, my guides and higher self used to always remind me, “You don’t have to try so hard. It can be easy if you just let the energies flow through you.” And there is my secret: just let it all flow, let it be for now. Understand that once negativity surfaces, you can make the choice to release it and open yourself up to the divine instead. Do not grasp, do not hold on to anything – it is our decision whether to resist our pain (remember that what you resist, persists), or to rise above it and allow happiness and peace to take its place.

The only thing you have is the present, so take ownership for what you are feeling in this moment of your journey. You are a co-creator, and you can make the decision to let this process flow more easily. Take your power back and allow yourself to ascend.

And as you ascend, know that you transform for your twin and/or the world as well (setting this intention while you do your healing will make this effect more powerful). This is your point of power, and this is your birthright.

I will be posting more in the next week on specifics of ascension, from physical symptoms, meditation, to healing for yourself and your twin/soul group.

You can do this!

With all my love, compassion, and blessings,

CK ❤

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