Ascension Healing: Embracing Gratefulness

I can say beyond a doubt that being grateful has been my saving grace throughout ascension. For all the pain and life-altering events that are given to us as we ascend upwards, it may be difficult to look at each one and be grateful for their presence in your life.

But part of the ascension and healing process is the rewiring of your brain – the biological and spiritual shift in your outlook and perspective on life.

Many people’s lives will be “destroyed” during this time. They may lose their job, get in car accidents, or lose all their money (this in particular happened to me). Their marriage might fall apart, their twin flame may leave them, or they might lose their house. You might feel like a failure, like nothing will ever be right again. What we fail to realize is that the universe is preparing things to get better, if only we would allow it to happen.

One thing I will often repeat to myself and others is that things usually have to get worse before they can get better. This “destruction” that you’re going through right now, think of it as a brand new beginning – a point to grow from.

When we begin to look at each experience as a lesson rather than “good or bad” – we begin to open ourselves up to release and healing. And when we begin to look at every experience as a gift rather than a hassle, we open up to abundance.


Every situation on your path is a gift of opportunity to grow and heal deeper than before. The destruction that is occurring – it’s making way for greater things to be built in its place. The people who are falling out of your life – they’re not meant to come on this journey with you. Being separated from your twin gives you the space to grow, heal, and become more on your own. Use these opportunities as fuel to go upwards. They are only hindrances if you let them be defined that way.

My favorite and most uplifting mantra has become: “Thank you!” I am thankful to my twin for showing me where my wounds lie, and I am thankful for the space that he’s given me to grow into who I am supposed to be. I am thankful to the universe for putting me in situations where I have had to find my own resilience and willpower to move upward and forward. I am now stronger and happier because of the hardships I have gone through.

Saying “thank you”, feeling grateful for all you have, is really a surrender of the sweetest and most loving kind. It raises your vibration, it relaxes you, and it opens you up to what the universe is really trying to give you or get you to see: the miracle just around the corner. It is an acceptance of your situation, while helping you get in more alignment with what the universe is trying to give you. Embrace gratefulness and let it fill you up with openness to life and love, to miracles and abundance.


During the first separation my twin and I went through, the moment I turned my thoughts upwards and yelled to his soul and to the universe, “thank you for everything”,  we reunited for a little bit. More lessons were learned, and our union progressed further.

To this day, if I am ever in a “stuck” moment, I will turn my thoughts upward and send out gratefulness with all my being. This immediately uplifts my feelings, my thoughts, and my day. It brings me back to the knowing that I am grateful beyond a doubt to have experienced divine love in my lifetime, and to have been given exactly what I needed in time.

See the gift that the universe is giving you, and then be grateful.

Thank you for being here and sharing in this experience with me!

I’m sending you all as much love, light, and blessings as I can!

CK ❤️


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