Ascension: Saying Goodbye 

Embracing Goodbye and opening up to Hello.

I see so many people at crossroads in their lives, about to move forward and doing the last bits of clearing before they can take the first step. I say that it’s time to say goodbye to that old life, to the people who aren’t going on this journey with you, and to the life you thought you might have. 

Ascension is a time when we rapidly change in the mind, in the heart, and in the soul. And as we move upwards, it becomes time for some people to exit our life. Don’t worry, don’t feel guilty – that relationship just may not be a fit for you anymore. Have faith that the people who are meant to stay in your life will. The connections that the universe wants you to have will be kept in place, and some won’t. This is a just a part of your path.

In the beginning, I swore I would probably lose all my friends. I thought it was better for me to move on from them and continue my path alone rather than fit in with people who wouldn’t be ascending with me. So I tried severing the deep connections only to find that they kept snapping right back into place. Finally, I surrendered and asked for guidance until I was told that those connections were needed, and a part of my mission. Sure enough, a few days later some of my friends began walking through the purification fires and I was there to help them. These friends are meant to stay in my life for now.

Sometimes, that will happen. I am very connected to my soul family and as I do my healing, those around me seem to be getting more and more free. But there are also those who are not meant to be in my life in such a profound way and who I must leave behind. As someone who lives in a smaller community, I’ve been faced with goodbyes more than I would have cared for.

But understand that leaving certain people behind is a part of becoming bigger and brighter. If people seem to leave your life, let them (even if it’s your twin flame!). Some people are only meant to be at your side for a little while, and others are meant to take detours before coming back. And if a relationship is not fueling your highest good, then let Spirit guide you and let it fall away. If you leave someone in love – for yourself and/or for them – then you are also giving them a gift. There’s no need to be guilty for doing what you feel is right in your heart.

As you heal and clear the blocks in the way of you going up, goodbyes come easier because they are in love rather than fear. As you open up to the guidance of the universe, your higher self and your guides, people/jobs/situations who are not meant to be in your life fall away more naturally. And as you fill up with love and grace, those who are meant for you make an appearance in your life.

Today, I was guided to do major healing and clearing for myself, my twin, and my soul group. And as I began to raise my vibration, I noticed that the people I was running into (a few of which I hadn’t seen for years) were giving me a chance to say “goodbye”: leaving them in love and grace. I am moving forward on my mission soon (actually moving my location), and this could have been my last time seeing some of them. I was grateful beyond belief, feeling Spirit’s hand as I was guided into conversations I needed to have before leaving.

I wish this for all of us: to be open and honest enough with ourselves and the universe to allow for these shifts to happen. I wish for all of our goodbyes to be in love and liberation. Accept them, and use these as opportunities to spread love – either verbally or energetically. Goodbyes only occur because that person/situation can’t be with us on our path for now. Goodbyes are only permanent in the moment, but they give the future freedom to bring people and situations in and out of our lives as we need them. Let go in love, in peace, and know that you are giving everyone a gift by letting connections be held in Spirit’s hands for now.

Whether you are saying goodbye to your twin flame, a soulmate, your parents, friends, a place, or a job, know that goodbyes lead us to a new hello that we have been waiting for all along.

Remember that you are loved no matter what. Say goodbye to those you have to leave behind, and move forward in your healing, in your mission, and in your bliss.

I’m sending you so much love and healing!

CK ❤️

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