Tips For the New Moon

New moons are probably my favorite lunar phase of the month. It lacks the frenetic and insane energy that a full moon brings on its way to release (though this is definitely a needed phenomenon every month as well). Instead, they usually bring a calmer lead-up, and powerful new beginnings. Setting intentions, planting seeds of manifestation, and making pivotal life decisions are all highly supported during this phase.

Tonight we will have our new moon for April, in the sign Taurus. And I have been feeling this one for a few days now, and even though it’s not an eclipse, or is not a part of a grand cross, it still remains pivotal to all those moving forward on their lives.

April has been a month of intense preparation for many. Change is happening, slowly but also quickly, and April has lent its energies to final tidying up ourselves – perhaps our houses, relationships, and belongings – before moving on. If you have been feeling the intensities of this month, know that all you are being asked to do is “clean house” in your soul and in your psyche. If past pain is coming up, or if you are grieving what you thought you had moved past already, know that it is just a deeper cleansing. It is just a final release so that you are less impeded with baggage as you continue to take steps forward.

Allow the energy of the waning moon, as it winds down to a new beginning, help you with this release. As the past comes up, learn from it, but do not think you are being asked to hold onto it or relive it. Cry if you need to, but let yourself be released of these burden as they flow away. You are on your way to freedom.

This new moon will help us move forward  physically, in a more grounded sense. As we take steps toward being more in our power, we must go through purification. This purification we are going through now is allowing us to physically take off the chains that have been holding us back so that we can take action in our lives.

Ask yourself: what has been holding me back? Is it fear, shame, the feeling that I’m never enough anyway? What am I grieving? What am I being asked to release from my life?

Write the answers down, or meditate on them deeply. Then as your fears and insecurities come into focus, write/think/say: “I release it.” Allow the energies of the moon help you with this release.

My favorite “ritual” for new moons is to take an epsom salt bath, jump in a pool or the ocean, or take a warm shower. And as the water flows around me, I ask for the energies of the moon and Spirit to fill me up and help me release all that no longer serves me. I let myself relax, and I let it flow away as easily as the water flows over my skin. For this new moon, I will not only release all that doesn’t serve me, but all that stands in the way of moving forward. I will let the chains of the past fall away more easily.

I would encourage you to do some sort of cleansing ritual. Cleanse your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul. It is time to start fresh, in a more powerful way.

And once you have released what you need, think about your intentions. What would you like to do for yourself over the next 28 days, the next year, the next ten years? Who would you like to become? What seeds would you like to plant in the garden of your life? What is your purpose for now? How can you move forward on your mission? Think about it, focus on it, and bathe this in love. Write these intentions down, and then let it be. Give your manifestations to the universe and allow the weight to be taken off of your shoulders for now. Surrender the outcome, and let yourself be filled with divine love instead. You are strong, and you are ready to move forward more fully.

I’m wishing you all a safe and happy new moon! Happy April, it’s been quite a month!

Love and blessings,

CK ❤️

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