Acceptance and Understanding

Ascension and purification are really confusing at times. My message for you today is not to spend too much time trying to “understand” your journey. At each step/level, you will experience events and synchronicities that may not make any sense whatsoever.  Don’t fight, and don’t fret over what it all means. Dig in, dig deep, and create a quiet, peaceful home in yourself for this life to unfold.

Nothing is “good” or “bad” in life, even though we have all been conditioned to believe that these polarities exist. Everything is just a lesson in humility, love, acceptance, and the ultimate truth that we are what we choose to be in this moment in time.

So if something doesn’t make sense, then let it be confusing – and just let it be. Accept it’s presence, but don’t get too caught up in how it will manifest, and what the meaning is. If you are meant to understand the messages that are coming to you right now, comprehension will happen eventually. But until then, maybe you’re not ready to fully understand yet – maybe there are more layers you need to heal and uncover within yourself first. This is when it’s time to dig deep and sit with yourself – to hold a space for acceptance and love for all. Have faith, and allow the changes to unfold as you will. Don’t get too caught up in your thoughts, the why’s, what if’s, and what’s to come. Just be.

Our brains, contrary to common belief, are not that smart. Sometimes, they hold too much history (karma) to be fully wired to experience the present: the truth of the situation we are experiencing. They think too much instead of just allowing and knowing, which is what intuition does. So, now, feel where your love and intuition come from – your gut and your heart. This is where your much less talked about branch of your nervous system lies (the enteric nervous system). Physically, this is where your intuition comes from, but it is devoid of thought or logic. It just knows. When you feel an intuitive thought, it is more like a magnet pulling you in the right direction.

Develop this part of your knowing in order to experience acceptance: divine surrender. Meditate to clear your thoughts, and to bring yourself into the awareness of your heart rather than your head. Change the structure of your brain to respond to your heart consciousness, your truth, rather than the anxieties that come from conditioning and childhood. Always follow your heart, because that is where your true bliss lies.

When we give ourselves the chance to sit in peace with our acceptance, this allows our brains the time to “catch up” to our hearts. We give ourselves time to integrate the lessons, the feelings, into conscious thoughts and frequencies that can be translated into true understanding when the time is right. Especially as many of us rapidly ascend and transform ourselves and our environments, times of integration are important. But without acceptance for what has occurred, and the quieting of the mind to allow the heart to be our guide, we stay stuck in collective confusion and the overthinking that is the exact barrier to true understanding in the first place.

You will understand eventually, and it will be your “reward”: the signal that you are ready to logically process what has happened. So relax and enjoy your space now, your path to becoming your divine self. Practice love and joy, practice acceptance of what is, and allow yourself to be transformed. Experience the wholeness that you are. Be in the flow, be in faith.

I send you many blessings. You are all beautiful souls who are worthy of going up! Just allow it to happen naturally, and be unconditionally grateful that you are consciously experiencing life!

Love you all!!!

CK ❤

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