Separation, Oneness, and Choice

The truth about separation is that it doesn’t exist! Plain and simple, you are one with everything, and everything is one with you. We are all connected through our divine spark of love.

This goes for you and your twin flame, and even beyond that. Yes, you are in union with your twin flame because separation does not exist. But you are also in union with Spirit, your divine beloved, at all times.

This concept was hard for me to understand at first. How could I be one with everything if I felt so different, so separate? (Read here about why you shouldn’t worry about understanding so much as accepting.) But then I came to realize that I was experiencing separation because, on a soul level, this is something my twin and I wanted to overcome and transform within our own lives. For many of us twin flames/advanced souls, we choose to experience separation from love and connectedness so that we can choose to then experience oneness from a place of free will. This is our transformative path, highlighted by choice.

When we incarnate, what we “forget” is that everything is infinitely connected. For example, the human body is made of many systems and organs with different functions – but they all work together, in unity, to give us life and expression. All of our systems function similarly and differently to produce us – living, loving pieces of star dust become consciousness in the vastness of space. I am related to – one with – the stars, just as I am one with the ocean, with you, and with love itself. I am one with dark matter, and I am one with the sound of rain drops, and the brilliant sun that feeds life here.

And because I am related to and connected to everything, I can hold anything that I ask for. This allows me to be the creator of myself, my life, and my reality, choosing what to experience in every moment. I can choose what will be present in my awareness, in my consciousness, and what will not. I can choose to change my perspective. Everything is a message, everything is a lesson, and all beliefs can be transformed with a flash of will. My fear of being in a manipulative relationship transforms to a safeguard around being in one – and opens me up to one based on mutual love and respect. My fear of being separated from love transforms to the knowing that love comes from within, from our eternal connection to the divine, rather than from an outside source.

Know that separation is just the mask of human ego. You already have everything you need because you are the universe experiencing consciousness. Every moment, you have a choice, to be one with yourself – love, your twin, the divine – or to be separate and in fear.

So what are your choices in each moment, in each area of your life? Where are you running? Where are you avoiding healing? Where are you choosing to stay stuck in conditioning and disappointment? Where are you choosing to be separated from the love and wholeness that you are at all times?

You can choose to be in union with stuck-ness, with pain and reactivity – that is your free will, and that choice will be honored. But you can only run, hide, and ignore your truth for so long. Eventually you will have to open up to the fact that you are already in union with divine love and light, and with your twin if you have one.

Once you make this choice, you may feel doubtful, blocks may come up to be cleared, but remember that this is just your ego being purified to become one with your soul more fully. Just keep saying yes, and the bliss of union will be sure to follow – this is something I can promise.

My wish for you all is that you see the divine truth within you all and that you feel the oneness that is present in your heart at all times. Be in joy, be in love! It feels great!

Many love-filled blessings for you all!

Ck ❤










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