Twin Flame Union: Soul Connection

The truth is that you are always in union with your twin flame, no matter what! Remember that. Even if you want to forget them, if you want to let them go, if you want to sever the connection forever – they are yours, and you are theirs. Surrendering means to accept the fact that you two, as souls, decided to be connected in love for forever. You are never apart. (Read about how separation doesn’t actually exist here.)

My twin and I spent a significant amount of time physically apart, whether it was because of life or “separations”. We are currently in our longest separation and while it has been difficult, it’s been made easier by the fact that his soul is always with me. If ever I need to talk to him, I can. If I want to give him a hug, or kiss, he’s there. As souls, we are one. We are each other’s best friends, confidants, and biggest supporters. He has shown me that our love has always existed, within us. We can both be filled with divine love, our union, and our connection whenever we choose to.

Now I remember reading articles like this in the beginning, thinking to myself: “How am I ever going to reach energetic union all the time?” It seemed so far off, so out of reach. But I kept saying yes. I kept working through the periods of purification rather than give up and slip into a dark night of the soul because I knew that union – in whatever form was available to me – was what I would always, soulfully, desire.

What I have found is that there was never a time in our lives where my twin and I were ever separate. We’ve always been together, and he is someone I am more grateful for than anything in the universe! What takes the longest is realizing that you can consciously experience union all the time.

Ask for your twin flame’s soul to be present with you in spirit as you do your healing. Practice going into Light Body, into your Merkabah, and meet with your twin flame there. If you find that you can’t connect in with their soul, clear your energy, remove the blocks, and transform yourself until you can.

Connecting on a soul level is an ascension skill because it activates your Light Body – your soul – and helps you integrate lessons needed to live on earth. By talking to your twin flame’s soul consciously, your divine love energy is activated – helping you feel more loved and whole. You’ll see where you are still running, where your fears lie, and you can then choose to work through them. And as you practice this, you become your divine self more fully as well – attracting them like a magnet.

And by connecting in with their soul and inviting them into your healing, you are helping your twin flame physically as well. They will become happier, lighter, and more attuned to light as you are. Their ascension will be more fully activated as well, and you will be able to sense where they are in their life (rather than go into delusion about what they’re doing and who they’re with).

Whatever this world tells you about love, relationships, and how people are supposed to act, know that you are on a different path. You are on the twin flame journey, where you must surrender to your soul, to your twin’s soul, and to Spirit. You must surrender to the fact that you are love, in union, in conscious expression all the time.

And have fun! It’s not such a bad thing to realize that you are love, or to remember that separation doesn’t exist. Have fun with your twin flame – joke with them and bring the bliss of union into your being and your life! Cheer them on, support their dreams, and just be in their presence.

You have the power of a twin flame within you, just as you have your twin flame with you, in union, every second of everyday. Life is much more than anyone has ever told you it could be! Believe it and be that.

Tear back the veils, the lies, the layers, and see your power, see your light. Let yourself be in union. Your twin flame is waiting for you.

If you want to use a guided meditation to connect with your twin flame, Cassady Cane has a free one when you subscribe to her mailing list:

And Gaia Wisdom School has a shamanic journey meditation on youtube for free: 

And remember that you can ask for them to be with you when you do healing, or when you are just walking down the street. Open your heart, calm your mind, and feel their essence next to you and within you. They are just another version of you, waiting with open arms.

I’m sending you all a whole lot of love and light!

CK ❤

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