The Hidden Block That Keeps You Stuck

I was reading one of my favorite books – Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul by Susann Taylor Shire – and I came across a message so vital:

“You can awaken to what lies within you and begs to be given expression, if you set your intention to truly want all that you are as a Soul to ignite, if you really want to kindle the fires for the abundant manifestation of your heart and Soul’s destiny plans for a magnificent life, you will.”

The truth that has been hidden from us for so long is that if you want it, then ask and it is yours. Whatever future you so desire, in your soul, will always be within your reach. This is what manifestation is all about – receiving what has already been laid out for you, what your soul already has planned for you.

So why do so many prayers, so many manifestations go unanswered? It’s not because we don’t want it enough. The block is feeling “unworthy”, or somehow thinking that you will never receive what the universe already wants to give to you so bad.

For example, all I wanted in my life was to be open to love, to have fulfilling relationships, and to be whole and happy. I set the intention, and the universe started to give me the opportunities. I had to make the choice to say “yes” to those soul-fulfilling, heart-opening experiences. Instead of shrinking back in fear, I had to go high in self-love and respect….

Then came my twin flame experience where I was triggered deeply – in the most loving way – to face the fact that I couldn’t allow myself to be loved, to be trusted, and to be happy.

The day of our most recent separation, my twin asked me, “Why do you believe I don’t love you? Why can’t you have faith, like I do, that we will live in bliss once this little fighting stage is over?”

And I answered truthfully, “I guess after not being loved and not being enough my entire life, it’s hard to believe that you can love me the same way I love you.”

And that was the most intense block to our physical union – the belief in both of us that happiness, love, and wholeness couldn’t be real. Every time we would feel peaceful and loved, we would also feel anxious and mistrustful. Of course this couldn’t be true! Of course love was all an illusion. Our childhoods, our parents, the cruel world had all shown us that love and happiness were struggles that one could only grab a hold of tomorrow. And when we saw that glimpse of bliss in the other – our pure mirrors – we would also start to lose trust in each other.

So yes, we can awaken to our soul’s destiny, we can set intentions and live life in abundance, bliss, and love! That is our true birthright, that is what we have come here to do. But first we have to get “on the same level” as our highest good. That is the process of ascension, and that is why we go through purification periods – to throw out all the “junk”, all the blocks that keep us down, that keep us in feelings of lack and mistrust.

Please know that your deep-seeded beliefs that you are not enough, that you do not deserve to be trusted or loved, or that happiness is not real – are illusions. It is your right, it is your path to transform these lies and allow yourself to live the life you have always wanted to. The first step to manifestation comes from within. Once you set the intention, it is your responsibility to let go of the beliefs that keep you from living as you have always wanted. Only then can the universe match what you have asked for with external blessings.

Have faith that you will receive whatever your higher self, your guides, and the Divine has planned for you when you have made the choice to be open and willing. Allow the blocks to come to the surface, allow yourself to let them go, and allow the healing to take place. Allow yourself to be on the path to becoming a divine being, and to coming into union with everything you are supposed to. Trust yourself, trust the Divine, and trust the pace of your growth. It will all work out to be the way it is supposed to be, so just relax and be in that knowing.

So yes, you can have everything you truly need and desire with a little bit of devotion to yourself. Respect that you are a part of the divine and are worthy of every reward, every bit of happiness that is coming for you. Embrace the fact that to be love and bliss embodied is your birthright, and then live like it is yours because it is! Be empowered by this.

And then when the universe delivers what you need, rise up in your love for yourself and say powerfully, “Yes! Thank you!” Clear away the junk, the anxieties, the draining relationships, and be in the presence of the Divine.

Everything you want is always yours.

I’m so blessed to have you on my journey with me, and I send you the light you need to see your inner worth and love!

CK ❤

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