Get Ready for Change

June 2017

June is here, and we are all getting ready for summer to finally begin! With the north node also newly in the sign of Leo, we are all feeling the shift – the new beginnings. One key point about Leo is that it is masculine, it is the king, and it is fiery. This will be a time of action, of living our truths and being more and more in our divinity. This is a time of “rewiring the masculine”, where the masculine lets ego and illusion fall away, stepping into his own power as the king. The feminine will get a boost in the upward direction, living life wholly on mission with great manifesting ability, nurturing the masculine on his forward journey.

Some of you may have felt shifts recently. Some of you may be leaving relationships that were not for you, or moving away from a house or city that was not where you were supposed to live (I recently did this). Whatever it is, change is in the air and everyone is breathing it in.

What these first three weeks of June will give us is a “last chance”. If we have been sitting in these energies of change but have yet to take action, this period will be your second chance to get started before the summer solstice on June 20th. If you have already gotten on the change-train and have implemented transformation into your life with physical action, then this time will be a deepening of the clearing and healing that comes along with taking steps forward.

The phrase I’m being given is “a final, deeper spring-cleaning”. This may mean in your environment (relationships, location, actual cleaning, etc.). But what it means for many of us is that we must now venture even deeper within ourselves and clean up our internal environment to be ready for even greater change in the future.

Our wishes, our desires and manifestations, have been heard. Now is the time to dig deep into our subconscious, into our inner child and wounded aspects, and get rid of whatever is still holding us in fear and stagnation. We are being called to venture into the parts of ourselves that we are scared of, into the little caves that reek of darkness. Do the shadow work, shine the light and let the illusion fall away.

In these next couple weeks, ask yourself: Where have I been holding myself back? What am I afraid of? What is my ego, and my shadow, still clinging to? What beliefs are making me think that I can’t have everything I ever wanted- heaven on earth? Where am I limiting myself, where am I being made smaller? Where have I been allowing others (their beliefs, actions, conditioning) to control my actions and state of being? Where am I losing my power? Where have I been holding onto old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve this change or my highest good?

And once you can answer all of these questions, you can heal them layer by layer – purifying your shadow and conditioned ego. The point is to live in freedom and love, to live as an expansive and creative soul. That is what we are meant to bring to the world. This is the period when we will be pushed to do the healing and the last bits of preparation (energetically and physically) needed so that we can incorporate the bigger changes ahead. The message is clear: heal, become more divine in yourself, and be on mission. We are all needed, and this work is the foundation for actively pursing our missions and living more expansively.

We are also being called to change our perspective overall. Make sure to shift yourself into more positive thoughts and states of being. Positive intentions will be very important in this time period. Anywhere you have limiting beliefs, criticism, or judgment, bring these “voices” to the light and let them be bathed in love. Clear and transform your thoughts to be in more in-line with your highest self, your divine soul.

This is also a time when we need to start clearing out the old “maps” and rules (even for us twin flames, dare I say). These old stories of how life is “supposed” to go, or how we are “supposed” to act within the rules of  life and even spirituality, are being thrown out the window. Instead, make your own path and trust your own inner guidance system. Once we have cleared the egotistical parts of ourselves, it is time to nurture our intuition. Cultivate the relationship with your own heart, with your own personal sense of freedom, with your higher self and guides, and with Spirit/God/the universe. Really develop that trust within yourself and for your own personal guidance, because you always know what direction you are supposed to travel within your heart. Do not base your life and actions on someone else’s stories or rules.

So for this month, practice being in your power and standing in your truth. YOU make the rules now, YOU dictate your actions and behaviors. Let go of the survival fear that ego carries, the co-dependency, the shackles, and the illusion of separation. Clear the cobwebs and stand in your light. It is our time, so clean up and shine.

I’m sending you many prayers and blessings! It’s a big month, so don’t let it go to waste!

With lots of love and peaceful light,

CK ❤

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