The Gratefulness Challenge

A month of putting gratefulness into action.

As we enter into this final period of “cleaning house” (what I’m calling June 2017), one piece of guidance I have received is to cultivate gratefulness in action. Being grateful needs to be more than just a personal practice now (you can read about how to first embrace personal gratefulness here). Now, it needs to flow from within to the world in conscious action.

Over this next month, and further of course, I vow to say “thank you” to everyone who has helped me and touched my life in some way, and I invite you to join me! Whether it is through an email, a phone call, a letter, or a lunch with friends, let anyone who has made an impact on your life know that you are grateful for them. Let them know that their work and their existence is serving a higher purpose.

With your “thank you,” you spread blessings, and show people that they are making a difference in the world. Hold the intention that with every seed of gratefulness that you sow, more light is planted in the hearts of those around us. This is your gift to those who have helped you, whose shoulders you now stand on.

And this will also be a lesson in humility and connectedness for those of us saying “thank you”. We have all been taught invaluable lessons and helped by someone. None of us got to where we are completely alone. Be grateful, even if the only one you can be grateful toward is the Divine/God/the universe and yourself – send up a “thank you”. Become aware of all the forces around you that have conspired to bring you up, and show your appreciation. You are amazing and worthy on the inside, just as you are humble and kind on the outside.

And remember to be grateful to EVERYONE, even those who have hurt or abused you. Find a reason to be thankful for the the lessons these people have taught you. Get out of victim mode, and take your power back from these people. Say,  “Thank you. Because of you I have now learned my lessons. I am now better than I once was.” Release these people by not allowing them to be a part of your “lower feelings”, and bask in the energies of gratefulness. You are more powerful now.

If you need to draw a physical boundary or if certain people have already passed, then you do not need to physically connect to them. Just write down on a piece of paper what you learned and how you became a stronger, more loving person because of the encounter. Write “I am grateful for you,” take a deep breath, and be released of any extra thoughts, feelings, or energies surrounding the person.

No matter where you are in life, this is a great journey to embark on! It will help you tie up loose ends, release yourself of expectations, attachments, and the past. Embrace humility, embrace the present moment of where you are right now – honoring everything the past has given you and opening up to the future. I invite you to be immersed in gratefulness, to spread blessings, and to help people see their light.

Please share this on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or just with your friends. Let’s spread this feeling of positivity far and wide!

Thank you for reading and being on this journey with me! I am so thankful for all you wonderful, beautiful souls and I am so excited to see where this “challenge” takes us!

I’m send you blessings and love,

CK ❤

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