Healing: Working Through Ego

Seeing ego as the survivalist, and walking into the truth that you are more.

One of the themes of the upcoming month for many of us will be facing our shadows – our ego and pattern conditioning that we have buried in our subconsciousness. Often we forget about this side of ourselves, trying to see ourselves as whole and healed without needing to venture into the dark cave where our ego lives. While there is definitely a place for the visualization of yourself without ego, ignoring this part of ourselves is an act of running. And if you run from yourself, you lose your power and allow those subconscious behaviors to “run your show”.

Our ego seems to be a combination of our inner child, and all the fears and conditioning that has been wired into our brain – psychologically and genetically. It comes from the need to survive above all else.

But we are meant to do more than just survive, we are meant to flourish! Yes, the ego can be good – it can keep us from falling off of cliffs. But it can also keep us from being our most radiant self. The ego is our fearful, sub-conscious autopilot that must be purified on your way through ascension.

So where does the ego control your life? Think about evolutionary fears – “fears of the collective”. These are the fears that have been built into our bodies’ DNA over thousands of years. Back in the cave-man days, survival was about being accepted by the group, and by staying out of harms way. You got just what you needed to survive, and that was it.

And then there are the fears that our parents instilled in us. “You have to lie to others in order to be accepted,” “No one will like you if you wear that outfit,” “Go to church or you’ll go to hell,” “Trust no one.”

So now think where your actions mirror this need for survival. What are you doing for the sake of acceptance rather than personal truth? What are you doing for the sake of financial and physical safety? Where are you only getting “just enough” to get by? Where are you acting based on the fears of others? Those behaviors stem from your ego, from the part of yourself that is tied down to fear and illusion.

Ego is not truth, and it is not you. Once you recognize where you are acting from ego patterns, it is your choice to rise above those behaviors and thought patterns. In every moment, in every possibility, you have the ability to rise above your survival fears and anxieties. All you have to do is make the choice to release these fears from your body. Unhook them, and let only love and light take its place. This is how we purify our ego, and this is how we integrate it into our more divine self.

When you finally know why you have always been so afraid, or why you tend towards self-sabotage, you see your ego. Now you can make the quick and easy choice to work through it rather than ignore the darker side of yourself with your hands over your eyes. To be conscious, we cannot live life while blind. See your ego for what it is – a conditioned part of your psyche built on the illusion of fear – and also see that it is not you. Find your truth, shift out of your survival fears, and into your heart.

And while it may sound scary and utterly dreadful venturing into the cave of our ego fears, the first step is the hardest. Peel your hands off your eyes and see that the monster you thought was the embodiment of your fear is only a small mouse with a megaphone. And then it’s not so bad! You take the megaphone away and bring that small mouse into the light. Give it love, and show it that, through choice, we can be more than just survival behavior. We can be love. We can be free.

I’m sending you the best wishes and a whole lot of light to venture into the dark cave of your ego. We can do it!

Lots of love,

CK ❤

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