An Ascension Prayer

Healing and Activation

The solstice gateway is open! And as such it’s time to ground all the changes in our beings so that we are open for the new beginnings that are about to take place during the second half of this year. We are all going up, and here is my prayer for all of us:

Spirit, Gods, Goddesses, Masters, Angels, and all high beings of Light:

I ask that all the healing and changes that have commenced over the past year be integrated and grounded into the new earth, and into the oneness of all. I ask that any grids that we are working with descend so that our crystalline light bodies can be anchored into physical reality. The 3-D become 5-D, and what was once earth now can hold heaven. I ask for this blessing and anchoring of our bliss bodies.

I ask for our bodies to be able to hold as much light as possible, strong and fortified. I ask for grounding into both source above, and the oneness of earth below. I ask for our higher timelines and choice points to now be activated, for the higher good of all.

“As above, so below” is not just a dreamer’s incantation anymore. This is a new reality, within our grasp, as these changes are becoming more realized. It is easier now to see the new changes. It is easier now to work through obstacles and blocks. It is easier to be anchored and protected in divine truth.

I ask for the deconstruction of illusions on all timelines and belief systems. These lower energies have no place in the newness of our reality. All armor can be cleared now. All areas where we are blocking our higher selves, higher timelines, and communion with spirit can be collapsed and transformed.

We are ready to let go of attachments to the old. We are ready to bring this new, five dimensional, heart-lead reality to the present moment. The earth is ready.

I ask for the full rebirth of our divine selves in human form. All areas where we were being held in cocoons and “incubation” can now be released. We breath in this newness. We are birthed as light, as love, as one with source and all.

We are birthed again, already in sacred union with all we need and all we are.

I ask for support from the higher realms as we integrate these changes and allow room for the new. We are in the flow of change.

Thank you. And so it is.


Sending you all lot of love and speedy ascension! ❤

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