Summer Solstice: Journey to the Palace of Light

The story of the sun and the storm, and how we can claim the new beginnings the solstice brings us.

The summer solstice is coming up tomorrow, and this is our time to shine! The message here is leave the past behind. You’ve done your work and now you can get on to building a new life, one based on being your authentic self. You may feel a little nostalgic, as if all the old “files” from your past are getting one last review. Old feelings, residual fears, conditioning, and doubts may be resurfacing as well. That’s okay. Let these come to the surface and float away. If you have done your healing work, then they are only coming up again to be released. Let yourself be washed anew. Let yourself be ready for the life your higher self and Spirit wants to offer.

On this summer solstice, we can learn how to handle these energies from the myth of Amaterasu (Ama), the sun goddess of Japan, and her brother Susano-O (Susa), the storm god. Ama and Susa love each other deeply, but also have a very chaotic and polarized relationship that results in a runner-chaser dynamic similar to what we might see in twin flames. One day, Susa decides to visit Ama so that he can bask in her warmth and beauty before venturing on a journey to the underworld to visit their mother. Suspicious, Ama has her guard up. Susa suggests they play a game to lighten the tension, but then declares himself the winner. Ama, though, knows she has won and refuses to give in to Susa – who then goes on a rampage and destroys the crops and land that Ama has nurtured with her light.

Grieving and feeling like a failure, Ama hides herself away in a dark cave while Susa makes his way into the underworld in despair and shame. There, she sits in solitude and grief and vows to never shine her light on the land forevermore. But without the nurturing feminine, and with our stormy masculine on the run through his own journey (to see his mother, another feminine; side note: mars – the masculine – is in cancer currently – the sign of the mother), the land withers away.

Ama only decides to return to the sky when the other gods place a mirror outside the cave. Seeing herself, seeing her brilliance, and accepting the parts of herself that come from stormy Susa for the first time help her to return to her power and light. Now, at peace with herself and accepting all that she has lost and all that she has gained, she is able to nurture the world with even more security and radiance than before.

She sends her love to Susa, who knows that he will see her again once his journey through the underworld is complete.

This myth shows us where the masculine and feminine stand right now; while the masculine has been undergoing much “rewiring” in the recent months, it is the feminine’s turn to finally rise up again. Just as Ama was able to come into her power through seeing her own reflection, we too can use these lessons as we move through the energies of the summer solstice. Our healing time, our time to reflect on the griefs and conflicts of the past, is now ready to be released. We are ready to step out of the pain and darkness by allowing ourselves to see who we really are, and the beauty we have held inside all along. We come out of sorrow and persecution, and back into our truth of nurturance and creation.

While the masculine has awakened and begun the journey through the darkest parts of himself, he is now integrating the lessons he has learned. He is releasing the last bits of programmed shame, repression, and separation consciousness that lingers around the edges of his being. He is stronger and more balanced than before, but still on his upwards journey – back to the “palace of light” that the feminine is now stepping into. He is with “his mother” right now, going back to the roots of what it means to be empowered, connected, and loved.

Each of us have masculine and feminine within us, and so we can take the lessons from both Ama and Susa for this solstice. Allow yourself the peace that comes after the great healing and upgrades we have been experiencing through the first half of the year (our time in “the cave”). Allow yourself to be exactly where you are on this journey back to pure light and love.

Tomorrow, and in the coming months, remember to forgive yourself and others as a form of release. Lower energies of shame and anger have no place in your “palace of light” where you are meant to spend the rest of your days in union with Spirit (and your twin flame if you have one) in pure bliss. Release the abuse, the trauma from this lifetime and others, and all resentments that have kept you in darkness rather than the truth of your radiance.

But the biggest lesson we can bring with us into the second half of this year is to look at our reflection, and accept all we are. Look, after so long, at the beauty we have become, the love and light we now more fully embody. Look at all your shadows and wrap them in a blanket of love. Accept the parts of you that are stormy like Susa or soft and radiant like Ama – for the seeds we plant need both sun and rain in order to grow.

Everyone can use Ama and Susa’s energies uniquely in their own way. The key here is to accept your gifts as your truth, for we all bring a slightly different type of beauty to this world.

Now, if we will only allow and surrender to the universe, our manifestations will bloom. We are whole, and we can begin our journey back home to ourselves, to our very own “palace of light” that lies within our heart.

You can read the full myth of Ama and Susa here, and meditate to Steve Nobel’s transmission on Ama’s grace here.

I’m sending you love and blessings. Let’s step into the new.

CK ❤

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