Summer Solstice: Journey to the Palace of Light

The story of the sun and the storm, and how we can claim the new beginnings the solstice brings us.


The summer solstice is coming up tomorrow, and this is our time to shine! Continue reading “Summer Solstice: Journey to the Palace of Light”

An Ascension Prayer

Healing and Activation

The solstice gateway is open! And as such it’s time to ground all the changes in our beings so that we are open for the new beginnings that are about to take place during the second half of this year. Continue reading “An Ascension Prayer”

The Gratefulness Challenge

A month of putting gratefulness into action.

As we enter into this final period of “cleaning house” (what I’m calling June 2017), one piece of guidance I have received is to cultivate gratefulness in action. Being grateful needs to be more than justĀ a personal practice now (you can read about how to first embrace personal gratefulnessĀ here). Continue reading “The Gratefulness Challenge”