Transforming the Shadow

Once we can see our shadow, we can transform it by learning the lessons and integrating it into our whole self. That’s the goal! Continue reading “Transforming the Shadow”


Twin Flame Union: Soul Connection

The truth is that you are always in union with your twin flame, no matter what! Remember that. Even if you want to forget them, if you want to let them go, if you want to sever the connection forever – they are yours, and you are theirs. Continue reading “Twin Flame Union: Soul Connection”

A Letter on Grieving

To my Beloved on why I still grieve.

I don’t grieve for having lost you: I can’t because you are still here. I have only lost you externally. But I feel you with me – within me – at all moments, and I know that I carry you in my heart. I have already cried the tears of you leaving, and walked into the bliss of our infinite union.  Continue reading “A Letter on Grieving”

Ascension: Saying Goodbye 

Embracing Goodbye and opening up to Hello.

I see so many people at crossroads in their lives, about to move forward and doing the last bits of clearing before they can take the first step. I say that it’s time to say goodbye to that old life, to the people who aren’t going on this journey with you, and to the life you thought you might have.  Continue reading “Ascension: Saying Goodbye “

Ascension Healing: Guilt and Self-love

As I began to move upward, the first “block” I hit was that of guilt and shame. I had guilt from this lifetime – from putting myself into situations that did not fit my highest good – and I also had guilt reaching back many lifetimes. Continue reading “Ascension Healing: Guilt and Self-love”

Beginning Ascension

Whether you are a twin flame going through difficulties (separation, fighting, etc), or you are an advanced soul who has woken up, ascension can be a hellish and more-than-confusing time. It is usually during this time that we experience initiation and purification, where we work through blocks on the path to becoming more pure, more light, and more love.
Continue reading “Beginning Ascension”