Summer Solstice: Journey to the Palace of Light

The story of the sun and the storm, and how we can claim the new beginnings the solstice brings us.

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The Hidden Block That Keeps You Stuck

I was reading one of my favorite books – Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul by Susann Taylor Shire – and I came across a message so vital: Continue reading “The Hidden Block That Keeps You Stuck”

Ascension Healing: Embracing Gratefulness

I can say beyond a doubt that being grateful has been my saving grace throughout ascension. For all the pain and life-altering events that are given to us as we ascend upwards, it may be difficult to look at each one and be grateful for their presence in your life.
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Beginning Ascension

Whether you are a twin flame going through difficulties (separation, fighting, etc), or you are an advanced soul who has woken up, ascension can be a hellish and more-than-confusing time. It is usually during this time that we experience initiation and purification, where we work through blocks on the path to becoming more pure, more light, and more love.
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